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December 2019

Metamorphosis – Creating with Wood
Roger Harvey

On Display During December

Opening Reception December 6th, 5-8 pm

Roger Harvey, Live Edge Maple Bowl

“I view my work with wood", Roger Harvey says, “as a form of dialogue between my ideas for the piece I want to create and the unique qualities that lie within the wood itself. When I begin working, I don’t always know what the wood will offer. Problems and opportunities will present themselves and I must be open to the unexpected. I think that’s something to be welcomed, not feared.”

Harvey, who has made artisanal objects all his life, received a BFA from the University of Texas at Austin. Driven by his sense of design and his love of differing materials, he owned a pottery studio and taught on Cape Cod, followed by a goldsmith shop in Boston. After relocating to Chattanooga to do technical development in the jewelry industry, he joined In-Town Gallery as a potter, though he now works exclusively with wood.

Roger Harvey - Bradford Pear Platter

Harvey works on his lathe with locally sourced woods that include maple, walnut, cherry, hackberry and Bradford pear.  He often ages freshly cut wood in conditions that encourage fungi to grow in the wood.  This process, called spalting, stains the wood with complex lines and streaks.

The items he creates on his lathe often feature a ‘live edge’; that is, an edge that displays the bark itself as a visual element. Harvey is transitioning from rough-turning green wood, drying, then final turning to making the item to the final shape from green wood. This allows the subtle warping and surface irregularities that are natural in the drying process to create an organic quality quite in keeping with the materials he works with.

African Mahogany and Birdseye Maple jewe

Roger Harvey - African Mahogany and Birdseye Maple Jewelry Chest

His jewelry cases, clocks and other fabricated items utilize both elegantly cut shapes, and the natural colors of different woods to achieve a sense of rhythm and balance. “I love curves, complex surfaces, and fluid lines” he says.

Clocks - Ash and Mahogany, Walnut and Bi

Roger Harvey - 2 clocks