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May Show

The information usually shown here has been moved to the home page this month. 

The presentation below shows the extensive changes made at the beginning of May.

In-Town Gallery does a major update of the work shown each May and again in November.  All the art is removed, the gallery is cleaned and refreshed before the old work is replaced by new.  All the changes are made by the co-op’s members.

Refreshing In-Town Gallery for new art installations.

The art has been removed.

Walls being patched.

The walls are being patched.

The process this May was more extensive than usual.  The photos show the work required to prepare for your visit to our gallery. 

Sanding furniture to be painted.

Furniture being sanded before being painted.

Making layout decisions

Where to start?

Laying out location for hanging art work.

Measure once.

Hanging a large piece of sculpture.

A little to the left.

Discussion about location of art to be installed.

How about over there?

Some art has been installed.

Making progress!

Discussion about location for art work.

More decisions.

A gallery member installs some art.

Installing photographs.

A wall with sculpture installed.

A wall full of metal sculpture.

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