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SeptemberFeatured Artist
Denice Bizot

Poster: In-Town Gallery artist of the month Denice Bizot

August Featured Artist
Margaret Park

In-Town Gallery: artist of the month Margaret Park
Images of Roger Harvey and some of his turned wood items used to promote his live wood turning demonstration.

Missed This Event?
Roger Harvey will be featured
again in December ...

Have you ever wondered how Roger Harvey makes his beautiful objects in wood? Watch him in action at In-Town Gallery as he demonstrates his methods and answers questions about his work.  Using curves, complex surfaces and fluid lines, Roger makes his creations soar. Bowls, lamps, and vases become unique artistic statements.

“I have designed and made objects for as long as I can remember,” says Harvey. “My current passion is wood working, most of which I turn on a lathe using locally sourced wood. Much of the wood has been aged for a year or more before use. The aging allows the fungi that cause rot to produce beautiful dark lines and coloration changes.  The process is called ‘spalting’. I also use a ‘live edge’ technique which incorporates the tree bark as a visual element in the turned object.”

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