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Renel Plouffe


“I paint with acrylic, oil, pastel, spray paint and charcoal. I create abstract expressionism, and my paintings are built in layers. This allows me to scrape and reveal previous colors or marks. I deconstruct the subject and lay out the essentials of light, color, tone, movement and texture. The balance of soft line and lost edge is always part of my work.”


Renel Plouffe is a French-Canadian painter who resides in Ooltewah, TN. She studied at Université du Québec in Canada and obtained a BSA in Graphic Design in 1998. After completing a specialization diploma in 2D/3D animation at Icari School in Montreal, Renel worked in animation and special effects in the movie and gaming industries for several years, during which time she studied drawing and painting with Nikolaï Kupriakov. Painting has been her full-time occupation since 2010.


Besides In-Town Gallery, Renel is currently represented by Gallery104NY. She has previously shown at Blue Ridge Mountain, Creative Arts Guild, Reflections Gallery, The Creative Arts Guild, WorkSpace, Art Fields, The Northshore Gallery of Contemporary Art, AVA, Hunter Museum Underground Event, Art.a.ama.jig, Smart Furniture Store, Memorial Hospital, Emporium of Knoxville, Winter Street Studio (Houston, TX) and an Arts Gallery in Montreal, Canada.


Renel can be contacted through In-Town Gallery,, plouffe and

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