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Jane Newman


Jane’s work is typically representational still-life and portraiture using acrylic medium, while her landscape images most often are painted using oils. Her favorite objects to paint are cut sparkly glass, shiny reflective surfaces, ordinary objects like old fashioned milk bottles, jam jars, iced tea glasses half full, honey jars & wands, old rotary dial phones, antique table clothes and candid happy children. One of her best friends and patrons commented recently that she, “Liked Jane’s still-life paintings because they were not still, they have lots of movement.”


Her preferred medium is Winsor & Newton Professional acrylic paint on gallery wrapped stretched canvas, utilizing layers of acrylic medium underpainting that creates surface texture. Her style is evolving as she introduces the use of untraditional tools beyond the paint brush. By using palette knives and other objects of varying sizes, shapes, and designs, she creates images that simultaneously can be viewed as abstract and hyperrealism depending on the viewers position. “I begin by blocking in the masses of value to be used like a map to then build layers, refining details as the painting progresses.”


The subject matter for Jane’s paintings are inspired by nostalgic subjects along with the interaction of light and shadow across surfaces that create interesting compositions. In a society where the growing trend to connect with people is impersonal and distant, the goal of her imagery is remembrance of special moments spent with special people, and objects that bring to mind specific memories from the past as well as the present. Each painting brings to mind the conversation shared, obstacle overcome, or occasion celebrated. She says, “My ‘table-scape’ pieces are usually set at places we all enjoy and I hope potential clients will feel a connection and similar memories when they view my work and hang them on their walls.” The images remind us of slowing down, catching-up, unplugging and personal relationships. Nostalgic images bring to mind memories of growing-up, grandparents, and teenage years.


Newman’s landscape images lean toward impressionism and are most often painted plein air in oil. Similar to her still-life work, she also employs the palette knife and other tools in addition to the brush for creating marks on the canvas surface. Light and shadow are the inspiration behind her landscape images as well capturing “Glimpses of Glory” in our scenic city!


Jane is a Cleveland, TN native. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Memphis State University, and enjoyed an award winning career as an Art Director/Graphic Designer for advertising agencies in Memphis and Nashville before settling in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Jane’s work is represented by In-Town Gallery and Reflections Gallery in Chattanooga, TN and at the Museum5Points gift shop in Cleveland, TN. She also teaches art lessons in after-school programs for area at-risk children, and group and private lessons in beginning acrylic painting and basic drawing at Art Creations art supply store in Chattanooga. She and her husband reside in Ooltewah, TN.

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