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Neil Kjos


Neil Kjos was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Though Neil considers his main artistic passion to be photography, it wasn’t always so. Influenced as a child by one of the artists for Star Wars, he began making extensive drawings of science fiction scenes. This led to oil paintings of wildlife, and later to pen and ink drawings for publication. He considered making a career as a fine art painter but instead chose a different career path outside the art world.

After a twenty-year detour, Neil came back to pursue art but this time with a camera in hand. Photography was the perfect medium for him since it combined the elements of composition and form along with the aspect of travel and adventure.

Neil’s photographic interests include wildlife, especially birds and insects, landscapes and street life. He travels throughout North, Central and South America to find his subject matter; however, the Southeastern United States has been his favorite hunting ground.

It is Neil’s intention that his work will bring joy to others and a sense of wonder of the beautiful world we live in.

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