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William Johnson

Woodworking, Photography

“My woodworking focus is primarily heirloom-quality furniture which I view as equal parts practical utility and pleasing artistic impact. I personally perform all aspects from design through construction, to finish and photographing. My designs are primarily influenced by Shaker and the Arts-and-Crafts eras. The signature feature I often use in my tables is a twisted leg, a tapered leg which undergoes a ¼” twist over its length.”


After an education in physics and engineering and a career in computers with several high tech companies in Silicon Valley, CA, Bill Johnson retired in 2003 and moved to Chattanooga, TN with his beloved wife Sherry, where he has happily pursued his obsession to make things people would like to use and enjoy.


Always the builder, Bill designed and built his wood shop, and has been designing and building heirloom-quality custom ordered furniture there ever since. For a number of years, he also restored old homes. Largely self-taught, he was mentored by his older brother who is also a fine furniture maker in Oregon. Bill reads profusely about furniture construction and design, and practices incessantly to perfect his craft.

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