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Laurie Graham



Laurie Graham received her bachelor’s degree from Tennessee Technological University Appalachian Center for Crafts in 1993. She took a clay class as an elective and immediately changed her major.

"I am drawn to the clay and the way it feels in my hands, she said. "Though most of my work is wheel thrown, I also enjoy hand building and merging the two techniques together.

I draw my inspiration from all that is around me. It may come simply from watching the expressions on faces, interesting shadows cast from the leaves of a tree, colors in an animal’s fur, or even the textures I see in the buttons on a coat. I love to pick up and gather many of the things in hopes that I can press them into the clay later to make interesting patterns and textures.

I hope the owners of my pots are drawn into the process of using each piece as much as I was drawn into the making of each piece.”

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