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Denice Bizot

Metal Sculpture

“Found object assemblage has piqued my interest in art using old farm implements such as shovels, plow disks and pick axes. Over time, my work has evolved in many ways but my signature style is piercing metal with a hand-held plasma torch to create patterns of lace, abstract cutouts and irregular line movements, all of which form spectacular line formations.

Typically, found objects are given by friends, recovered from salvage yards and recycle centers, or simply found in the streets’ dumpsters. The home accessories are fabricated from flat sheet metal which is hand-torched. Then either a surface treatment of patina on brass and copper or enamel paint on aluminum and steel is applied. Working without prior sketches, I visualize a shape and begin torching; consequently, many designs are experimental and one-of-a-kind.”

After graduating with a BFA from Loyola University, Denice worked exclusively in a fine art gallery context, then moved on to create home furnishings. Her work can be seen in public spaces around Chattanooga as well as in corporate collections in Amsterdam, New York City, Houston, New Orleans, Hattiesburg, MS and in Tennessee. She is in many private collections throughout the United States, including that of Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Denice has won several awards in national art festivals. In Spring 2014, she created work for an exhibit at the Tennessee Arts Commission’s art gallery in Nashville, TN. The Montclair Art Museum in New Jersey purchased a large truck hood that will be in a special exhibit “Inspired by Matisse: Selected Works from the Collection” exhibit in February 2017. Denice is one of only three living artists whose work will be included.

Commission works are welcomed. Please contact the artist through In-Town Gallery or at

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