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"After Dark: Illuminating Chattanooga"


Featured Photographer:
Anh Bao Tran-Le

On Display Throughout October

Meet Anh Bao: Join us for First Friday celebration
October 6, 5pm-8pm

"In the heart of the night, when the bustling rhythms of the day are replaced by a serene stillness, Chattanooga transforms into a mesmerizing canvas of lights and shadows.  I want my viewers to experience the city in a new light—literally and metaphorically."


Anh Bao Tran-Le is a travel, wildlife, landscape, and portrait photographer, currently based in Chattanooga, TN. Anh Bao's artistic vision is to inspire a sense of curiosity, while also encouraging people to explore and appreciate their neighborhoods in Chattanooga and the communities around them.


In this After Dark Series, Anh Bao weaves together the historic architecture, modern structures, and waterways that define Chattanooga's identity to wonder, explore, and invoke nostalgia in viewers through his photographic process.

Anh Bao
describes his exhibition

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