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Nadine Koski


“Creating that next thing is compelling to me. The problem- solving and research required to achieve the results is a large part of the enjoyment and satisfaction but so are the unexpected accidents that in turn provide the inspiration for the next thing. And the next thing is often even better and motivates me again. I enjoy using materials that provide a little science with the process and a little mystery in the results. Wax especially, with lustrous layers and possibilities through the process of waxing on, scraping off, using various pigments and tools like torches and heat guns, captivates and inspires me. “


Nadine is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where she was identified at an early age for independent study as an art student and studied under Mr. Sven Nurkala for six years, using a wide range of mediums. She studied fine arts her first year of college, industrial drawing and design the next three, and graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and an M.S. in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology. She has raised a daughter who is an artist, worked as an HR Generalist for 22 years, and has had a variety of hobbies involving building and design, landscaping, building ponds, and extreme gardening. She also co-owned a paint-your-own pottery studio where customers were encouraged to paint fearlessly. She spent several years carving and painting gourds and won many awards for them. Then she discovered encaustic painting which led her back to both her roots and also ahead, where she is now at a place in her life where she can find time to paint and also can afford almost any art supply she desires.

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