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Janice Kindred

Acrylic-Mixed Media

“I was fortunate to spend my childhood with adults who had a deep appreciation of both God’s creations and the best of what mankind has made. My exposure to the outdoors, to wild and domestic creatures, and the beauty of world music, art and culture have helped develop my desire to express the wonder of how I see nature, humanity and the rhythms of life. My father breathed into me his love of life, his joyfulness, his kindness and his tireless search for knowledge. My hope is to bring the essence of his inspiration into my art.

I pull together many materials, like a collection – gathered, thoughtfully arranged and applied, then most likely taken apart, cut, torn, sanded, rearranged and reapplied until after many layers, I arrive at a point of satisfaction, or at least satisfied for the moment, at the reflection of my efforts.”

Janice is a founding member of MMIA (Mixed Media Inspired Artists), a group of like-minded artists who have been studying art with Sandra Paynter Washburn. Members exchange ideas, critique their art, explore mediums, travel together and have juried art shows together.

Artist's Website
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