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March Show

Innovating Watercolors by Jason Bartlett

Please come to our Opening Reception on 
Friday March 3, 2023
From 5-8 PM

Jason Bartlet--Patch of Violets.jpg

Patch of Violets

Jason Bartlet--Vernal.jpg


Jason Bartlett--Flowers In a Field.jpg

Flower Patch

March's featured artist is innovative watercolorist, Jason Bartlett. Drawing on memories and impressions, Bartlett creates works that celebrate “the easily missed, infinitely nourishing beauty of the mundane.”
“I am never short on inspiration,” he says. “I seek to reflect my surroundings and memories through watercolor. Using a free and immediate style, I depict the changing of seasons from the cold of winter to the warmth of spring." 

Jason Bartlett--Flower Patch.jpg

Flowers in a Field

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