December Show
"I Am Woman"

Please come to our Opening Reception on 
Friday December 2nd, 2022
From 5-8 PM

Miki Boni--African American Woman--Acrylic on canvas.jpg
"African American Woman" Acrylic on Canvas

In-Town Gallery ends 2022 with a showing of nine portraits of women created by award winning Chattanooga artist, Miki Boni. This show, appropriately titled “I Am Woman”, consists of paintings which are portraits not just of individual women of different races, ethnicities and cultures, but of women making difficult and at times uncertain journeys through life. “I used the portrait format,” said Boni, “so the viewer will stand eye to eye with each subject in all her richness of person and possibility.” 

Miki Boni--Asian Woman--Acrylic on canvas.jpg
"Asian Woman" Acrylic on Canvas

"I was called to create this visual representation of global women's issues. In doing so, I was focused less on politics and more on their ongoing struggles around the world and through the centuries to create their own collective choices and identities. Helen Reddy wrote “I Am Woman'' in 1971 when the Women's Movement was in full swing. It seemed the perfect title for this series."

Miki Boni--Polynesian Woman--Acrylic on canvas.jpg

July Show
"Ukraine Blue and Yellow"

Please come to our opening reception on 

Friday July 1, 2022, from 5-8 PM

"Polynesian Woman" Acrylic on Canvas