May Show
"Whack and Blite"

Please come to our opening reception on 

Friday May 6, 2022, from 5-8 PM

In-Town Gallery is pleased to feature a unique collection of “black and white” art in multiple media during the Month of May.  A few examples of featured pieces are presented below.


This charcoal “Tree Study” was created by Gay Arthur.  As a student at UTC, Gay developed a fascination with architecture and a sense of nostalgia which is evident in her body of work.  Her featured piece for May moves in a slightly different direction where she depicts the architectural beauty of nature. 


Artist Miki Boni has prepared multiple pieces for the May show including an exquisite “Figure” as well as a “Portrait” in black and white.  Miki is an award-winning painter who earned a Master’s Degree in Fine Art.  She is well known for her innovative contemporary portraits which is clearly reflected in her featured works for May. 


Although jeweler Carol Ott makes pieces in many colors, finishes, shapes and sizes, her featured necklace for May is “Only Comes in Black and White”.  This piece was created with individually beaded open hexagonal shapes, linked together to form this original and one-of-a-kind necklace.


Photographer Sybil McClain-Topel will present black and white pictures ranging from the “Misty” heights of Lookout Mountain to the waters of the Tennessee River where she captured the chaotic beginning of the ChattJack31 race.  The kinetic energy of the paddlers created intricate designs on the water with firefly pops of reflected sun shooting through the early morning mist. 


This one-of-a-kind black and white monotype created by Ellyn Biven, was inspired by her studio’s view of the Tennessee River.  The featured painting shows McClellan Island in the mist shrouded background.  With each painting, Ellyn hopes to inspire an appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and to find a sense of calm, peace or a feeling of excitement that is reflected in paint. 

April Show

Please come to our opening reception on 

Friday April 1, 2022, from 5-8 PM

In-Town Gallery is very excited to present “Collaborations”, a show featuring art that has been jointly created by several members.  Pairs of artists who work in different mediums came together to design and complete these unique pieces of art.  

Photographer Sybil Topel and painter Jennie Kirkpatrick collaborated to create “When Sandy’s Spirit Moves You, Dance.” 

Oterious “Sandy” Bell, U.S. Marine veteran and Chattanooga icon, used to ride around town on his U.S.-flag festooned bicycle.  He gave away - and sold - flowers, always saying that paying was optional.  Sybil printed her photo of Sandy on canvas then Jennie painted directly on the canvas to complete the image, which also includes an angel.  It was always Sandy’s happy spirit that people responded to, like the child dancing in the photo. 

This South American tree frog necklace was created by Roger Harvey and Barbara Murnan. 

Roger, a wood craftsman, obtained a taqua nut which is grown on a variety of palm tree found in South America.  He carved and painted the “nut” into the image of a frog and collaborated with Barbara, a jewelry designer, who then produced the Sterling necklace backdrop to highlight and support the frog. 

Denice Bizot, who works with metal, collaborated with painter Gay Arthur to create “Koi”, an oil painting on copper.

Denice cut and polished a piece of copper which serves as a beautiful background to the koi painted by Gay. 

Photographer and woodworker, William Johnson, joined with Miki Boni, a painter of portraits, to create “A Bouquet of Faces”. 

William arranged and photographed the flowers in black and white for the sole purpose of accepting the colorful faces painted by Miki. 

Miki Boni and Jan Lamoreaux collaborated to produce “A Toast to Bliss”, an homage to times of joy. 

Miki’s portrait conveying blithe contentment floats above a champagne toast created by Jan with liquid dyes on silk.  The joint work is a reminder to find and celebrate both the small and the great in our daily lives.