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Mary Beth McClure

Warm Glass

“When the sun’s rays shine through a piece of glass and cast reflections across a room, it inspires me. Much of my enjoyment comes from experimen-tation and pushing the limits of glass. My art is a puzzle, a passion and a pursuit leading to me burn the midnight oil. I often think I’m ready to stop but the glass has a mind of its own. As I pull, drag and rake colors the glass evolves; I can’t quit. The glass, its own master, leads me to follow.”

Warm glass is created by layering different types and colors of glass, and firing them in a glass kiln. There are repeated firings at temperatures of up to 1500 degrees which produce the designs and textures. These one-of-a-kind works are created with a variety of techniques to produce handmade glasswork that is unique.

Mary Beth’s fascination with glass started in 1977, initially with custom designed work in foiled and leaded glass. Then she caught the warm glass “bug”. Fascination, passion and an inability to stop learning took her to workshops with Patty Gray, Karl Harron, Richard LaLonde, Robert Leatherbarrow and Nathan Sandsberg. Clients as well as teachers have led to new pursuits and she welcomes the challenge.

Mary Beth’s works are displayed locally at In-Town Gallery. Her glass can be seen at many of the juried fine art shows throughout the United States.

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