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Jennie Kirkpatrick


"When my granddaughter was three, she exclaimed, 'I wanna be dere!' to pictures she pointed to while looking at a travel magazine with her grandfather. My goal is for the viewer to feel a kinship with the subjects of my paintings. I try to visually create the mood of having been there or wishing to be. Genres, people in everyday settings, are favorite subjects. If people are absent, the scene or still life reflects the possibility that their lives go on nearby. My works are heavily influenced by many trips abroad. The cultures, colors, food, customs and marketplaces leave their indelible impressions and are reinterpreted as watercolors or works on canvas that range from realism to abstraction."

Jennie graduated from University of Chattanooga with a BA in painting prior to marrying her Naval Officer husband and raising two children. She earned an MFA in Printmaking from George Washington University and an AA in Illustration/ Graphics from North Virginia Community College. After living several years in Tunisia and Japan, and traveling extensively, the Kirkpatricks returned to Cleveland, TN. Teaching Art Appreciation, Drawing and Design as an adjunct professor at UTC, Cleveland State and Tennessee Wesleyan followed. A mural request led to studies at renowned mural and wall finish studios. After over fifteen years she has now returned to her first love, painting. Jennie has exhibited in numerous shows in Tunis, Tunisia; Washington, D.C., and several southern cities.

Jennie's paintings may also be seen at Museum Center at Five Points, Cleveland, TN and The Arts Center in Athens, TN.

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