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Roger Harvey

Wood Turning, Pottery

“I have designed and made objects all my life. My current passion is woodworking and much of my work is made on a lathe. I treat many of the turned items as ‘canvases’ and paint on them with transparent acrylic artist’s colors before applying polyurethane. I also fabricate a variety of items which include music stands with stools, mirrors, lamps, boxes and jewelry chests. I like curves, complex surfaces and fluid lines. I don’t want anyone to think ‘boards’ when looking at my work.”

Roger switched from mechanical engineering to art in his fourth year while at The University of Texas at Austin. He directed the Arts and Crafts Center at the student union during art school until he received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree. He was a potter and teacher on Cape Cod for 11 years and a goldsmith in Boston for eight. He moved to Chattanooga to do technical development in the jewelry manufacturing industry before returning to the craft world. Roger has been a member of In-Town Gallery since 2011. He initially made salt glazed pottery and added wood in 2014. He now works exclusively with wood.

Artist's Website
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