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Jonathan Clardy


“My introduction to pottery was in 1995 while taking a class at Chattanooga State. The challenge, intrigue and historical connection through the art of pottery presented to me in that introductory class has never faded.

My work, consisting of wheel thrown and altered pieces, begins with an intention of function but the shape and details evolve as the clay takes on a life of its own. This allows my wares to develop in an organic process, merging my intention with the natural elements in the clay body.

The influences in my pottery are both natural and man-made. My love of rock climbing and the relationship between water and rocks that create movement, soft lines and unexpected turns are shown in my wares.”

Jonathan created a co-operative studio for professional ceramic artists in Chattanooga called 423 Pottery Studio. This co-op offers a dedicated location to meet the needs of professional potters with space to create, along with opportunities to teach lessons and provide workshops. The studio sells clay, dry goods, tools and equipment.

A Chattanooga native, Jonathan received his BFA in Ceramics and Sculpture from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 2000. After a lengthy recovery from a rock climbing accident soon after graduation, he moved away from ceramics. In 2017, after accepting a volunteer position at a local community studio, he began making pottery again. This re-ignited his passion for creating wares, teaching classes and promoting the arts in the Chattanooga community.

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