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Inna Beker

Fused Glass

“I am constantly fascinated by how glass changes its shapes, colors and sizes. Very often, I am quite surprised by what I find when I open my kiln. I hope you will enjoy my work as well.”


Inna Beker is a contemporary fused glass artist based in Marietta, GA. She works with fusible glass by manipulating colors and shapes, creating unique decorative art. Most of her work is medium-to-large hanging wall art although she also enjoys creating 3-D fused glass pieces.


Inna has always loved art and creating things by hand. Her passion for glass art truly began in 2018 when she got the chance to try working with glass for the first time. Since then, she has not been able to put it down. She has exhibited in several juried and non-juried shows in Georgia, Florida, Virginia and New Mexico.


Inna was born in Ukraine, and grew up frequently traveling between Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, where she spent many hours in the forest hiking, collecting berries and mushrooms, and soaking up the quiet peace of the forest where her love of nature began.


Inna can be contacted at:

Her website is:

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