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Open Every Day 11-6, Sunday 12-5

Feb 7

We      New Artists!


In-Town is proud to present three emerging artists from Hart Gallery:

Anna Mansour
Erica Birch
Sara Coolidge

In-Town Gallery is proud to collaborate with the HART Gallery, whose mission is to support and inspire the talents of our community’s homeless and non-traditional artists. For many who need healing, hope, and family, the HART Gallery is a creative home. ​​

Meet the artists & Join us for our
Opening Reception
Wednesday, February 7, 5pm - 8pm

Sweater Girl_Mansour_Anna.jpeg

Nineteen year old Anna Nasour was born in California, raised in New York, and now proudly calls Chattanooga home. Anna sold her first pieces of art when she was only eight years old! She is interested in anime, and also collects Manga comics and graphic novels whose style influences her lively 3-D figures.

Erica Birch--Blue Origins.JPG

Erica Birch’s paintings are electric with vibrant colors and bold shapes. Her technique is well suited to the fantastic celebratory images she creates. “I have,” she says, “gained the courage to create a new soul journey. I choose to create not just art, but happiness, wholeness, and health.”

Sara Coolidge--Singing Sweet Songs.JPG

A gentle whimsy pervades the art of Sara Coolidge. Using her technique that is both linear and colorful, her birds, flowers, and figures come from a world of magic and delight. Sara has a degree in Early Childhood Education, and is both an artist and author. She co-teaches art on occasion at Mountain Arts Community Center on Signal Mountain.

Linda Coulter

“Pastel is an amazing medium,” Coulter says, “that uses the same pigments found in oil or watercolors, but uses them in a more pure form, which allows pastel to have intense color.”

Join pastelist, Linda Coulter,
for her demonstration,
"Painting with Pastels"
on Saturday, February 17, 12-5 pm

Coulter=Smoke on the Water-Pastels (20x14 Frmd) $1,100.jpeg
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